Montgomery College Lifelong Learning Institute

Meditation and the Wisdom of the Body (online)
Montgomery College Lifelong Learning Institute
Tuesdays, Oct 3-Nov 7, 2023, 1:00-2:30pm Eastern

For residents of Montgomery County Maryland. This is a light introduction to Focusing combined with somatic meditation.

Download a brochure and see page 8 for complete course info — Course: LLP078 — and page 26 for registration information. Don’t hesitate to call the Customer Service number. Or consider using the mail-in option.

Focusing is a method for learning how to be guided by our own inner wisdom. It brings attention to bodily sensations of meaning, which often show up as an unclear “uh” or “huh”. When given time and gentle interaction, the sensations give rise to ideas and other expressions that help us understand and see the world, our circumstances and whatever else we’re working on in a new way.

Focusing, as developed by Eugene Gendlin, has been extensively researched and is used widely by individuals and organizations to find fresh and forward thinking for personal and communal growth.